QuickGuide Red Epic built 4

Red Epic QuickGuide for the new built 4:

  • All new menu routes and screens according to built 4.0.10 released 8 April 2013
  • New card for the new +1 Module
  • New cards for the set up of the viewfinder and monitor outputs according to the improved features of the new software.
  • New User buttons on the touch screen.
  • New power saving modes

Film & Digital Camera Reports

  • Separate templates for film projects and digital projects.
  • English and Spanish versions.
  • Familiar layout, you´ll find the known things in the place they usually are.
  • For digital, space for partial and total of Gb used, total time and total number off clips.
  • For digital, spaces for base settings: recording media, format, aspect ratio, codec, project frame rate, shutter, Iso, white balance, gamma and color space.
  • For both, spaces for: camera model, serial number, rental house and comments.
  • Easy to locate space to indicate camera A, B, C…
  • You can print it and use it directly or take it to a printing house to order some note pads.
  • You can also make the camera report directly in your computer to print it, send it via mail or copy it in the hard drives with the digital images of the day.

pdf Digital Camera Report English

Digital Camera Report English (word)

pdf Film Camera Report English

Film Camera Report English (word)

Sony F65 QuickGuide

From recording a shot in variable frame rate to change the fan operation mode…from change de gamma for monitoring to assign new functions to the user buttons.

Everything the camera assistant needs for the Sony F65.

pdfQuickGuide Sony F65 SQ

pdfQuickGuide Sony F65 HQ

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Interview Ramiro Sabell Salgués – Focus Puller

Ramiro Sabell Salgués is a spanish camera assistant with more than 40 years of experience. In his curriculum we find more than 150 films from “Patton”, “The Von Ryan´s Express” or “100 rifles” to “The Others”, “Talk to her” or “Goya in Bordeaux”. He has worked with directors like Pedro Almodobar, Alejandro Amenabar or Pilar Miró and DoP´s like Javier Aguirresarobe, Vittorio Storaro or Juan Amorós.

In this interview he tells us his impressions about working in the film industry as well as the life of a camera assistant.

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Digital Recorders Specs Chart

In order to complement the Digital Cameras Specs Chart for those models & formats that need an external recorder like Codex or Aja Ki Pro.

Details for the digital recorders in use.

With information about:

  • Recording formats
  • Weight
  • Maximum Digital Sampling & Bit Depth
  • Media Support
  • Video Inputs / Outputs
  • Power
  • Mounting options

All this for…:

  • Aja Ki Pro
  • Atomos Ninja y Samurai
  • Sony SRW-R1 & R4
  • Codex On board
  • Cinedeck Extreme
  • Gemini 444 & nano Flash
  • OB-1
  • Sound Devices Pix
  • Black Magic HyperDeck Shuttle
  • Panavision SSR

pdf Digital Recorders Specs Chart

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Digital cameras Specs Chart

It´s not small…it´s not portable (unless you carry it in your Iphone)…But indeed it is complete!

50 digital camera models: all sizes… 2/3″, 1/3″, Super 35… tape camcorders, card & external hard drive recording…Raw, RGB, Prores…DSLR´s, High Speed….

With information about:

  • Recording Format
  • Weight
  • Digital Samplig
  • Bit Depth
  • Mbps
  • Compression
  • Recording Support
  • Output Resolution
  • Mount
  • Sensor
  • Shutter
  • Interlace & Progressive Speeds

All this for 50 digital camera models:

  • Panavision
  • Arriflex
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Red
  • Dalsa
  • Phantom
  • Weisscam
  • Silicon Imaging
  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Ikonoscop
  • Thompson

pdf Digital Cameras Specs Chart v3.0

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Sony F3 QuickGuide

If you didn´t have time to have a look at the camera and heve to shoot tomorrow, this guide will help you with:

  • Locate the most important external buttons you´ll need.
  • Quickly set up the camera menus according to the DoP preferences.
  • On set, it will help you locate camera menus to make simple adjustments like shutter, frame rate or viewfinder markers. No more waiting looking for the adjustment.

pdfQuickGuide Sony F3 SQ

pdfQuickGuide Sony F3 HQ

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Film Cameras Specs Chart

-“We need a B camera for some high speed shots, What is the maximun frame rate the Arricam can reach?

How many times have we heard this on set…!

For those moments this chart will give you information about:

  • Camera Type
  • Mount
  • Shutter type and range
  • Forward and reverse speeds
  • Avaliable perforation systems

All these for 40 film camera models, 16mm & 35mm:

  • Panavision
  • Arricam
  • Arriflex
  • Moviecam
  • Aatom
  • Michell
  • Photosonics

pdf Film Cameras Specs Chart English

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